Paw Balm 50mL

Paw Balm 50mL

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Our 100% natural Paw Balm soothes and protects your pups paws.  Our organic, sustainably sourced healing balm is formulated to nourish, heal and protect your dog's paws. This means no more cracked, rough, dry paws plus an added layer of protection to prevent injury and future damage.  In winter, salt, ice and snowballs are tough on paws while hot pavement can cause damage in the summers.  Let us help your pup all year round.


    Our 50mL paw balm comes in a 2oz. 60ml recyclable aluminium container.  With my motor disability I am not always the best at measurements, so we created a system where you always get more than you paid for.  

    Ingredients: Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Shea Butter, Lavender and Neem.  


    If you are dissatisfied with your purchase we are happy to offer you store credit for your return.